Someone said to me recently “Life happens and fucks us up”. This is undeniably true, on some level, for us all. Some of us have bigger challenges to face, for sure, but never the less none of us gets out of life unscathed. We all get buffeted by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Even so, we still have choices.

I was talking to My Young Friend’s Lovely Fiancée the other day about my plans and focusing my energy in a forward direction. I had prefaced my statements with ‘As much as I love hanging out with you guys….’. The Lovely Fiancée responded with ‘I get it. You can’t live off other people’s happiness. You want some happiness of your own!’ And that is it, in a nutshell. I want some happiness of my own. It is no more than I deserve. So, I am going to go and find it.

For a long time I have been aware of the need to be consciously open to life’s possibilities and what I’ve learnt lately has done nothing to dissuade me from that view. I read an enormously interesting article the other day that suggested it is possible to fall in love with anyone. It sounds ridiculous but once you read the article and the theory that prompted it, it makes sense. Basically because it is about that very thing; a willingness to be open to the possibility followed by a willingness to put in the effort. That’s a sure recipe for success whatever your goal! I think that you’d not want to try this with anyone you weren’t remotely attracted to on some level anyway. I also think that the thirty six questions give you a fair chance of seeing if it has potential. Chances are, if you can’t commit to thirty six questions and feel comfortable with your partner’s answers then they probably are not the one for you. Similarly, if you cannot look at them for four minutes straight looking at them for the rest of your life is going to be too big an ask.

Think of the potential! Not just for new mates but for reconnecting with current significant others. Because I think those questions, even if you think you’ve heard all their stories before, would be just as potent, perhaps more so, for the retelling. The opportunity to discover new things about each other and look at each other through fresh eyes!


Here’s the thing; life is full of potential. Only if we do something about it can we realise that potential. I’m all about the realisation! For me, like the 1980’s t-shirt, I choose life. I choose love. I choose laughter. There has been lots of ugly stuff happening on my own doorstep and worldwide lately. It’s not that I don’t acknowledge it, I just choose to find a way forward.

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening – Robert Frost.

I was putting on my jewellery today after my shower and realised I had absent-mindedly put one ring on the wrong finger.  As I moved it I looked down at another ring I bought for myself the other day, inscribed with the words “Love, Hope, Friendship Forever”. That’s what it’s all about, for me.

Safe onward travel x