Ain’t love grand?

I have had a nice warm fuzzy feeling today. This is possibly due to the codeine I have ingested but I like to think it is because I am feeling happy and loved.


It is also because Rove and Tasma got married. Not that I know them mind you, but I know of them and wish them every happiness. Like I’ve said before I’m pro any displays of love and commitment people want to make to each other. I love a good wedding. I think it is the whole optimism of the thing. It is all so hopeful. It’s not only the ceremony though, in fact it’s not even the ceremony really, it is two people pledging themselves to each other. I love good marriages and good relationships too. They don’t have to validated by a piece of paper, although everyone should have that option if they desire it. There is just something really special about people taking that leap of faith together. Declaring their love and their belief in it, and each other.


It has always been a commitment I have taken seriously but as I’ve said here before I think now is more about me exploring what commitment the other person is making. After three husbands and two divorces I’m not going to be rushing down the aisle. I would be sad though if I never again had a relationship worthy of ‘forsaking all others’ , whether formalised by a ceremony or not. When I am in a relationship I give my all. The trick is to find someone who is worthy of it, while not losing myself. Someone who is willing to give me his all would be a good thing too, someone whose all is worth having!  So, I live in hope! It is hard to keep my Sagittarian optimism down!!


Things are going along nicely with the current person of interest.  As I said at the start of this post I feel happy and loved and today that has alot to do with him. I feel really lucky that I can explore this relationship, while also finding my own direction, and that so far one has only enhanced the other. It’s a good place that I am in, and I wish that for you too.