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Give Peace a Chance

It has been an absolutely gorgeous day today. It was warm and sunny but with a lovely cool breeze that has been gently caressing my skin all day. Just perfect really. I feel good. The events of the day have been usual, with a mix of positive and not so much but I feel good at my core. Calm and peaceful.


There is still alot to do with three kids, my Nana, a Baby Daddy and Christmas is steam rolling downhill towards me but despite all that I feel like everything is ok. Like everything will be ok. That I will be ok. More than ok really. I have been in survival mode for so long but more and more I am making time to stop and just enjoy where I am now. To appreciate the things in my life and myself that are positive.


I’m sure I’ve said things like this before, but something feels different this time. I feel different. I feel like I’m back in the driver’s seat of my life. I have no doubt that there will be more tough days to come, life is like that, but I hope I can hang on to this feeling of peace and savour it.


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