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I’ve been packing things ready to post for The Love of my Life’s small endeavour. Things go all over the country and sometimes the world. I look at the names and addresses and get that weird feeling of recognition of all the millions of people out there, all living their lives, separate yet interwoven. Different yet familiar.

Sometimes the addresses are from places I’ve been to which invariably brings to mind faces of people I’ve known. Sometimes these are good memories, sometimes not. It is amazing how we work. How simply a scent or a song or a street name or a suburb can evoke an emotional response. How far you can travel in the blink or an eye or the turn of a phrase, across decades or oceans or kilometres. Distances that aren’t even measurable; across broken dreams, lost friendships, across the bridge between life and death. 

Today is ANZAC day here in Oz. A day that evokes memories and emotions in lots of us. My thoughts and heart are with my special friends who have served and all those like them. My thoughts and heart are with their wives and children, their parents and friends and all those who love them. 

For all the lovers, who are also fighters; safe onward travel x 




Round and around and around we go.

It is raining tonight and cool. It’s heading towards midnight.

My mind is replaying scenes from twenty five years ago. In the middle of the night my friend and I would get into his car and drive. Playing music LOUDLY. Madonna, Martika, Roxette. We would go to the beach or the ocean baths and take off our clothes and jump in. It was FREEZING and exhilarating. In the dark and the silence we were young and we were free.

That girl, she’s not so far away tonight. Twenty five years later, if I reach out she will take my hand and together we will jump in.

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