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Misty Water-coloured Memories

I had a good visit with my Nana yesterday. There was lots of repetition  as usual.  Yesterday was Melbourne Cup day here. It is a big horse race that most of the country stops to watch. Nana has the soul of a gambler and has loved going to the races during her life so it was a big day for her. There was lots of Cup talk, activities planned, and the staff were all dressed up for the occasion. Nana also was dressed in a fetching  and festive outfit. I admired it when I arrived, and kept doing so, because she was preoccupied with the notion that the skirt had not been properly ironed. It was her loop of the day. I just don’t iron- full-stop, or once every six months if hard pressed (Ha!) so whether or not it was ironed sufficiently was really beyond my level of expertise. However, as I repeated many times to Nana, it was a fabric that could get away with looking like it was meant to be a bit crushed, so the few creases did nothing to diminish the overall effect. She was very cheerful and animated. It was a morning visit, her best time of the day.


On arrival Nana was out having a stroll, but I was assured she’d be back any minute so I busied myself reading the notice board. It is just such a relief that Nana is happy, and so gratifying to see.


There were only two times my eyebrows raised. Both were connected to the unironed skirt loop. At one time Nana gestured to a towel that was folded on the table and said ‘Well, I could have just worn that.’ and another time she plucked at her short-sleeved shirt and said ‘ I could take the skirt off and just wear this.’ In earlier days I would have just assumed she was joking but the delivery told me she wasn’t. Also the fact that a little while later she looked at the towel and remarked ‘Oh, that’s a towel.’


Still, all in all it was a great visit. We spoke for about half an hour without any anxiety on her part that she was missing something better, which often happens.  We even manged a few jokes, some hers, some mine, but all with laughter from both of us.


The Alzheimer’s is always there, like a cloud hovering overhead. But sometimes the sun peeps out from behind it, and those are very good days.


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