Take the Pressure Down

Things have been so full on since I returned from my stay with the Current Person of Interest. Before this weekend there has been only one day that I haven’t had an obligation outside the house. It was so bad that late last week Daughter Number Two would start moaning ‘I need to get home’ every time we went somewhere. I was in silent agreement with her!!


There were visits to Nana, and Baby Daddy, and appointments galore. There were shopping trips to buy new clothes for Nana which is more challenging than it sounds and which I have yet to finish. I thought that it would be a snap. I love shopping, and I’m good at it. I realised though as I waded through racks and racks of clothes that buying for Nana was a different task. Firstly, I needed to buy something wash and wear as she has been refusing to wear anything that has not been ironed, which is a little beyond the scope of the staff at the Aged Care facility. I saw for myself on Melbourne Cup day how much the whole non-ironed thing bothered her so it will be good to remove one trigger for anxiety if possible. Then I had to get a style and colour that would be acceptable to Nana, easier said than done. And of course it all had to be in the right size. It was just so terribly time-consuming!! I am only about half done, but I have managed to pull together three full ensembles, which I have to drop off to be tagged with her name during the week. Then I will head back into the trenches.


In the midst of all the running around Son Number One has still been having seizures. Last Thursday I was out paying bills, grocery and Nana shopping and delivering Daughter Number Two for a Baby Daddy visit when I received a phone call from Son Number One’s school to say he’d had a Grand Mal or Tonic Clonic seizure, only his second in his life. He’s had plenty of others, and in fact had a Complex Partial the day before at school also. This only strengthened my feeling that the changes to his medications were not working for him.  Anyhow, I had to race around grabbing what groceries I could- the cupboards were pretty bare so I had to do some shopping- before grabbing Daughter Number Two and jumping in a taxi for home. I walked in the door, phoned Son Number One’s school to let them know I was home, and they could bring him home now and hung up. The phone rang. It was Son Number Two’s school!


He had been beaten up and although they thought he was ok to continue at school for the day he had expressed a desire to speak to me!! I am very proud of Son Number Two because it wasn’t actually a fight he was in. An older student had been picking on a friend of Son Number Two and my son had told the other student to leave his friend alone. The mini thug then turned and beat my son around the head and body. Son Number Two did not retaliate though, which would have meant disciplinary consequences for him also. Anyhow, when he arrived home that afternoon he had various bruises about his person and a bruised , swollen and weepy eye.  


The day after was Friday! Praise be! I had to run around like a mad thing for most of the day doing things I hadn’t managed the day before. Although I still feel an inner peace, and did not feel overwhelmed, I slumped into the weekend feeling absolutely shattered. Today is Sunday and I am still exhausted even though I have been getting adequate sleep at night. We still have lots to do away from home next week, but I am determined to make the schedule a little less demanding. There are always things that are outside my control but I am going to try not to run myself ragged this week.


That’s the plan anyhow!