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You say you want a Revolution.

The focus today has been firmly on rights and freedoms. Things we in this beautiful country seem to take for granted until we have to deal with bureaucracy or the legal system, when it fast becomes apparent that we don’t have as many rights and freedoms as we like to think we do.

Or is it just that absolute power corrupts absolutely?

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” Lord Acton (1834 – 1902)

I had lunch today with a gorgeous friend and his lady love. They reinforced to me that there are people who believe in me. Good, decent people, smart people who believe in me. Even when I doubt myself. One thing I do know about myself is that I don’t give up without a fight. I don’t aim to be a great man. I don’t want to be a bad man. I am happy being a woman!

And some things are worth fighting for.


I’m a real Wild Child.

Yesterday my Friend and I dropped Daughter Number Two at her birthday party. On the way back the ocean was wild, with big, crashing waves that had eaten up the beach. It was fantastic and we stopped and soaked up the electric atmosphere, watching as the water danced a spectacular dance, listening to the song it sang.

The sea really does speak to me; of power and potential. It is stunning in it’s untamed beauty. Looking at it one cannot really fathom the ocean’s reach and depth, all we see from the beach is the surface. To explore closer we have to wade in. Get our feet wet. Risk getting wiped out.

My Nana’s ashes were interred today. I have yet to donate the bags of her clothes to charity. I will before I leave here. But I went out today and looked at them; the three bags of my Nana’s clothes, the half bag of photo’s and knick knacks. Regular readers will know that thanks to the Alzheimer’s we had a head start on disassembling my Nana’s life. There was only so much she could bring with her into the Aged Care Facility. It was confronting all the same, to look at those few worldly possessions. There is a sense of being orphaned. Of loosening of ties and, of course, of letting go.

I looked out into the ocean and it’s spirit excited me. I looked at the ‘Danger’ sign and thought ‘Bring it on!’. Perspective is a funny thing. Once the worst has happened nothing ever can be that bad again. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, there is something liberating in that.

To thine own self be true; the truth shall set you free x


Jingle bells

I’ve booked my flights back again. This is allowing me to breathe a little easier. I’ve booked a hair appointment for next week, because why the hell not? And I bought an anklet that has bells attached so I make music as I walk. Son Number Two and I are off to have lunch with two dear friends.

Things could be worse 🙂

Live, laugh, love x

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