It’s a beautiful day!


Phew! I made it to Saturday!! No school buses to get ready for, no appointments to keep! The skies are blue and the sun is shining- it is really a spectacular day! I’m going to try to ease into it slowly. I am a wee bit tired due to getting sucked into reading my book of the moment. It is Jodi Picoult’s new one. It was soooooo tempting to just read to the end, I am desperate to know how things work out for the characters, but I resisted. I did read an awful lot of it though.


So I am less than perky this morning. But what else is new? I am just not a morning person. I am in fine spirits though, even though I had the usual odd and interesting dreams last night. As I said it is a beautiful day!


I woke up today with thoughts of my current person of interest flitting through my head.We had an extremely pleasant phone conversation last night, as we do each night, and my warm fuzzy feelings carried over to this morning.


I read a cool quote yesterday, attributed to Julia Roberts, “The key to beauty is to always be looking at someone who loves you”.  It just rang so true to me about my current situation. He makes me feels beautiful and special and precious. I really like who I see reflected in his eyes!!


I’d like to like who I see reflected in the mirror a bit better too. I enjoy food too much to be too restrictive so I guess that means lots of exercise. I have been trying to cut down on eating things I know are bad for me but know I’m never going to be able to be totally ‘good’. A girl’s got to have a vice and food is my drug of choice! So I have to get off my not inconsequential butt and get moving. This is easier said than done, but I will keep you posted on my progress!!


So, today I weigh somewhere between 95 and 100 kilograms and I wear a size 18. I have been noticing things getting a little tighter and this makes me uncomfortable. I am not thrilled with the size I am but I have been able to live with it until now. Since noticing things getting tighter I am also noticing doing things is getting harder. Things are hard enough so something has to change!! Or someone, that I suspect may be me!!


So here we go! Let the games begin!