You Get What You Need.

Hello my lovely ones! It has been quite a day, full of funny farm antics. I’ll get to them in a minute but before I do I just want to say THANK YOU! You guys, my little old blog has had more than eight thousand hits! That blows my mind. I’m still in the most minor of the minor leagues but more than eight THOUSAND hits! Wow! I’d write anyway but it does give me a kick to know you are out there reading. Thanks for stopping by!

(Cue the theme from Hogan’s Heroes). The nurses come in to check on you regularly throughout the night. Just after six this morning I was awake when one paid a visit. My head under the blanket I stayed in my cocoon. I heard the nurse leave and felt two sharp jabs on my inner thigh. I jumped about three feet in the air and saw The Roommate leaning over my bed as the sheet and blankets flew off me. Oh hell no. OH. HELL. NO. But yes, she really, truly, had just come over and poked me. And she stood looking at me for another couple of heartbeats before she turned and silently scurried back to her side of the room.

That was it for me. Every instinct I had was urging me to put some distance between us so when my nurse asked me how I was this morning I told her. I understand the lady is unwell. i have empathy for her but her problems should not be my problem. Within half an hour The Roommate had been moved to a single room. I returned to my room and took some deep breaths.

An hour later I came out of my room to see The Roommate in a clearly agitated state in one of the courtyards. Two security personnel – they were wearing bright yellow nylon vests with ‘SECURITY’ on the back; I’m quick like that – were tag team talking to her, while the nursing staff talked about whether or not they’d move her to the locked unit. I do not know what had happened in that hour, nor do I want to know but my increasing feeling was that I had dodged a bullet.

Security stayed with her for the next few hours and since then she has had a nurse shadowing her every move. As I write there is one sitting on a chair outside her door. By days end I had a new roommate but this one isn’t generating skin crawling uneasiness. She seems to understand personal space. So far, so tolerable.

So, now we’ve covered funny odd let’s move on to funny ha ha! I washed my clothes today and hung them out to dry. When I went to collect them they were nowhere to be found. Not on the line. Not in the laundry, not in any of the common areas. I asked the nurse, she couldn’t find them. She asked her superior and the three of us couldn’t find them. By this time, being in possession of only the clothes I stood in, the ludicrousness of the situation had begun to get the better of me. So when the supervising nurse said ‘Now, are you sure you haven’t brought them in and forgotten?’ I started laughing. I expect they hear stranger things all the time. All your clothes are gone? Oh yes, dear, of course they are! As I laughed the supervisor shrugged her shoulders, cocked an eyebrow and said ‘Ah well, it was worth a try’.

Not much else that could be done so I retired to my room. Later on I saw a note on one of the whiteboards. Someone had brought my clothes in and was keeping them safe in their room for me, so they didn’t get stolen. Aww! Mystery solved and all’s well that ends well.

Does that mean all’s bad that ends badly? I don’t think so. Life is a mixed bag. You can’t have the lows without the highs and vice versa. Sometimes you’ve just got to go with it. I listened to my instincts today. You live and you learn. It’s just that some people have to keep learning the hard way. And you know what guys? I’m not even talking about me!

Be good to each other x


Singing in the Rain

Today is the second time in as many weeks that Baby Daddy has decided he just can’t be arsed keeping his arranged visit with Daughter Number Two because it was raining. BECAUSE IT WAS RAINING. Um, yes. It’s Autumn. It rains. Sometimes it rains in Summer too. We live on Planet Earth, welcome to it you big  JERK.  GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! At least this time he gave me more than thirty-five minutes warning so Daughter Number Two was unaware of his no-show. But again, GRRRRRRRRRR!!

Ah, who was I kidding? The only way I could have two weeks to myself would be to put the boys into foster care, and leave Daughter Number Two with an idiot who doesn’t think she is worth going out in the rain for. SIGH. So no time off for good behaviour for Kate. Oh well, there’s always the next life. I’ve got to think I’m putting in some Karmic mileage in this life. Right? RIGHT?

(Just say yes and back slowly away from the crazy lady)

Still, if anyone has a couple of grand they want to donate to a good cause I’ll take off on a plane tomorrow, for parts unknown. I’d just have to bring the kids with me.