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I have just burnt my stomach with boiling water while draining potatoes. I would not recommend it.  Luckily I burnt myself through several layers of clothes, so although a bit ouchy not as serious as it could be. Dinner was going so well too. I bought a slow cooker awhile ago and thought I’d take it for a spin today, so popped everything in hours ago and have just let it sit there doing it’s thing. The whole house smells great, and I hope it tastes good. I have been having  visions of things I can use it for, now I’m over my fear of the unknown and it is out of the box.


It has been a good day. I have been busy doing heaps of stuff around the house and can actually see some improvement. As an added bonus Daughter Number Two had a decent day time sleep- yay! She is getting more grown up everyday. And more opinionated. She came into the kitchen after me yesterday and as I was looking into a cupboard she walked up to me, put her two hands on my thigh, said ‘Push’ and proceeded to push me out of her way!! She is a very strong willed girl!


Unfortunately the weekend has not been as smooth for Number One Son, who had his skateboard stolen from outside our house. The same skateboard I have told him so many times not to leave out. Because it would get stolen. Sigh.  Son Number One is very upset. He used his skateboard every afternoon. Sigh Sigh. Life is hard sometimes.


So here I am again. Ready to launch myself  into another week. Wish me luck!




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