I get knocked down, but I get up again…

Ok, so today hasn’t been one of the best days ever and the whole deal with Son Number One’s school is still up in the air but I’m still here and still putting one foot in front of another. Slowly.


I’ve been struggling with the need to put some boundries into my relationship with Baby Daddy. Struggling because he is quite resistant. But I’m reclaiming my life, such as it is. We revisited the issue today. As you know the Current Person of Interest will be here in FOUR, yes, count them!! FOUR SLEEPS!! Long distance relationships being what they are the time we get to spend together is precious and to be savoured and I want the space to be able to do that. Hell, even if the Current Person of Interest wasn’t going to be here in FOUR SLEEPS (doing little happy dance in my head) I would want my space.  Due to the fact Baby Daddy demands all his visits with Daughter Number Two take place at my home we spend more time together now than we did when we were married, and we know how that turned out. So, action needs to be taken before the whole situation explodes.


In talking about the issue today Baby Daddy used all the tricks he has perfected on me over the years, threats, abuse, emotional blackmail and none of it even ruffled my feathers. I’m still in a fairly delicate emotional state thanks to yesterday’s events but I managed to remain calm and composed. I am so proud of me! It’s so interesting to me, the difference in my reactions to him in even the last twelve months. It is really true what they say, you can’t change things that happen but you can choose how you react to them. Slow and steady and stay on track is my plan.


I have to acknowledge the fantastic and unwavering support I have received today (and always). Most notably today from the Current Person of Interest but also an honourable mention to my Sons’ Grandfather. It is good to have people who keep the faith even when you’ve misplaced your own.