Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

It’s that time of the week again – linking to Eden’s FRESH HORSES. One day I might actually work out how to do the button thing, but clearly not today.

Eden asks about other bloggers we connect with, on whatever level. In no particular order;

For me there are a few standouts. Edenland goes without saying, and through Eden’s blog I happened upon Lori at Random Ramblings of A Stay at Home Mother. So much of what Lori has to say resonates with me.

Tired Dad writes beautifully, loves his Excellent Children and his cynicism and sarcasm remind me of someone dear to my heart.

Fosterhood in NYC – Foster care is a subject close to my heart and this chick thinks outside the box. For every foster parent who has been told they are ‘too attached’, as if that could be a bad thing.

The always delightful and often insightful Courtney Beck , who really put herself out there in her quest for love.

Lastly but not leastly, Doctor Di – because she is my real life sister, and although we are very different people and have much distance of varying types between us she is the only one who has travelled our childhood and mother with me. And she writes good and I’m proud of her.

I can’t wait to read everyone elses recommendations!


Sweet dreams….

I am tired. Tired, tired, tired. This has been a long week with appointments, two visits to Nana, Daughter Number Two’s paternal grandparents in town and general day to day craziness. Just to top things off nicely for the last two days Daughter Number Two has been boycotting her daytime sleep. As she is only just two years old, and doesn’t sleep exceptionally long hours at the best of times, skipping the nap turns her into into an overtired, cranky little person. She is usually an extremely pleasant easy going child, but sleep deprivation doesn’t help anyone.


Funny I should mention sleep deprivation because last night she decided sleeping at night was overrated as well. She went to sleep at 8pm. I went to sleep around midnight. She woke up at 1am, 2.20am, 6am and we were up at 7am. Daughter Number Two does not appear to be ill, she was well fed and watered. She was warmly dressed because she routinely kicks her covers off. I have no idea what is behind the moratorium on sleep.


On the plus side I have no nightmares to report. And it is Saturday- thank goodness for that!! No school, no appointments, no visits with Baby Daddy. I have been able to slide into the day gently. Sort of slump into the day really. I have eaten a comforting breakfast with lots of carbohydrates and a chocolate chaser. I have read all my favourite blogs. I have done numerous quizzes on Facebook. And now I’m here talking to you.


 It is really cold and grey and miserable outside. It is perfect snuggling weather. Ideally I would be in bed, with a good book and the current person of interest, music playing  softly in the background, toasty warm and comfy. I would read for a little bit, have some cuddles and disappear into a few tender kisses before letting my eyes drift shut and getting washed away on a wave of peaceful sleep. I would dream of bunnies and kittens and soft laughing babies and only stir briefly as the current person of interest snuggled in closer and held me tighter.


Instead the best I can hope for is that she finally exhausts herself enough to give in and sleep today, because if I don’t get a break at halftime I’m not sure where we will be by dinner time. Daughter Number Two has hit the ground running as usual and is currently very busy peeling off all the Dora stickers Baby Daddy put on her play equipment for her yesterday. This was inevitable. I am not fighting it. I am saving my strength for the big sleep battle of 2009.

One more river, one more river…..

I’ve been wandering around the blogosphere today and it is a little intimidating. It is also awe-inspiring. There are so many voices out there, some saying things so much better than I am. So many people and stories and lives. Maybe it doesn’t matter what I say or how I say it here, because today no one has dropped in to read it, and my biggest day yesterday was with six views!


My primary motivation was to empty out some of the things spinning around in my head, and that is certainly accomplished by writing here. And I guess however small the numbers I am connecting with others on some level, even if it is only when I follow links to their words.


Today has been a busy but mundane day. Housework and children and getting ready to lurch into the coming week. It has been chilly, I am tired, I can’t remember the last morning I awoke without the dull headache that slows me down all day. My two year old Daughter Number Two has decided she no longer needs her day time sleep. I beg to disagree as she has been cranky and tired all afternoon.


I know that I have a very busy day tomorrow and I am less than enthusiastic. I have to fit in two doctor’s appointments, one visit to my Nana, one visit to Centrelink, one visit for Daughter Number Two with her Dad, blood tests and be home at 1pm in time for Son Number One to get home from school.


I am writing this while making dinner. Predictably Daughter Number Two has fallen asleep on the lounge next to her brother. Sigh. Finally she sleeps and I have to wake her. Oh well, we are nearing the finish line of bedtime. I think tonight the children and I may be neck and neck.


Despite having to drag myself step by step through the day I still feel like I’ve accomplished some things. Nothing big, but every little bit counts.