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Singing in the Rain

Today is the second time in as many weeks that Baby Daddy has decided he just can’t be arsed keeping his arranged visit with Daughter Number Two because it was raining. BECAUSE IT WAS RAINING. Um, yes. It’s Autumn. It rains. Sometimes it rains in Summer too. We live on Planet Earth, welcome to it you big  JERK.  GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! At least this time he gave me more than thirty-five minutes warning so Daughter Number Two was unaware of his no-show. But again, GRRRRRRRRRR!!

Ah, who was I kidding? The only way I could have two weeks to myself would be to put the boys into foster care, and leave Daughter Number Two with an idiot who doesn’t think she is worth going out in the rain for. SIGH. So no time off for good behaviour for Kate. Oh well, there’s always the next life. I’ve got to think I’m putting in some Karmic mileage in this life. Right? RIGHT?

(Just say yes and back slowly away from the crazy lady)

Still, if anyone has a couple of grand they want to donate to a good cause I’ll take off on a plane tomorrow, for parts unknown. I’d just have to bring the kids with me.



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