I have had sinus pain for a few days that is wearing me down a bit but despite this, and despite missing the current person of interest I’ve had quite a productive day. I have purposely kept myself very busy today with about five projects going at once. There is still a lot to unpack from my Nana’s and I have been rearranging my house to fit it all in, while I unpack and sort through her possessions.


This has been emotionally draining on a number of levels. Firstly to see the woman my Nana was is a stark contrast to who she is today, and secondly because there are photo’s of my Daughter Number One and letters and cards written by her in childish scrawl to my Nana. Each one is a sweet torture, so precious but painful.


My Nana was an absolute stunner as a young woman, and seeing her in photo’s as a child made me realise for the first time how much my youngest sister (estranged from both Nana and myself) looks like her. There were also photo’s of my two brothers and mother, all of whom I have no contact with, and who have no contact with Nana. So odd to see these babies and children, so familiar but strangers now.


We human beings are complex creatures, all of us with a million stories to tell. I sift through my Nana’s life and catch glimpses of her, her many facets, her many faces. Infant, child, young woman, wife, mother, friend, grandmother, great grandmother, lover, golfer, beach babe, student- not one alone, but all of these. Eighty five years worth of living and loving. Quite an achievement.