Who Am I?


The million dollar question! Since people have been clicking on this link I think I should update it a little bit, because it has been the same for seven years and a lot has changed for me since I first wrote here. I bet things have changed for you in that time too. So, as of now, we are over half way through 2016 and that would make me forty five years old. For the next five months at least. Which makes me a Sagittarian!

I have been blessed to be the mother of four children. Two boys and two girls who are all remarkable in their own ways. My eldest child, my Daughter Number One, Sam, died over thirteen years ago now, at the age of fourteen. There’s no nice way to say it; Sam was murdered. Sometimes I write here about Sam and about what my life has been like since she was taken from me. I have diagnosis’ of depression, anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress disorder. Sometimes I write here about what living with those conditions is like. I strongly believe in love and definitely believe in marriage equality. I write about that too. I enjoy taking photographs and I love words. 

I write in this blog to clear things out of my overactive head and also in an effort to put myself out there a bit more. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask me. Hey, if you just want to say hello then drop me a line! I hope you find something here that means something to you. 

Safe onward travel x 



6 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. A friend indeed

    My heart goes out to u Kate. I wish u all the happiness in the world, but I know that will never stop the heartache u must feel with yr loss, it can only mask it up. U r a fighter, u r beautiful, u r a woman, u r strong. Find yr happiness Kate.

    Happiness: Is a place in our life where we feel complete, we have other people that appreciate us for who we r and us them. To show love and to receive love, which is the most important part of heeling. Our friends our lover all help, but it cant b one sided ever. As humans we need certain things in life to survive: air, water, food, love, happiness and a place of belonging.. Im sure u know all the Kate.. My heart is yrs always..

    Your friend

  2. Sometimes the clearest moment is when we sit quietly and know it’s finally okay to be alone with ourselves. You write with clarity and honesty. Please do not allow the carnival seekers, or the “head-patters” to change you or your soul.

  3. Oh, Kate.
    I feel completely inadequate in expressing what I felt – and feel – about your magnificent words and about the extraordinary lifeforce (love?) that guides you.

    I came across you ‘accidently’.

    I hope I can continue to soak up your words for a long time to come.

    Sending LOVE to you and your mob – here, there – everywhere.

    Jules X

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