Today I accompanied Son Number Two to the funeral service of one of his friend’s grandmother. It was held in the same chapel as my Nana’s was but this time the room was filled almost to capacity. 
My Son sat down at the front, next to his friend. I looked at the back of their heads and realised this was the fifth funeral Son Number Two has been to in his life and that seems a lot for someone his age. I was so proud of my Son today and his unhesitating and unflinching support of his friend. 

It wasn’t until he came home later this afternoon that Son Number Two told me that he’d last seen his friend’s grandmother about a week before she died. He and his friend had gone together to visit her in her nursing home. He said as he was leaving that she asked him where he thought he was going without a smooch? Son Number Two also said that when he’d visited at Easter she had an Easter Egg waiting for him. She made everyone feel like family, he said. She was an amazing woman, he said. 

As I watched and listened to my Son Number Two today I thought he was pretty amazing also. We’ve had some adventures together over the last few years, he and I. We’ve travelled a lot and not just geographically. I am proud of the young man he is becoming. Like me he wears his heart on his sleeve. He is loyal as fuck. His friends know that he has their back. And he can do death, he knows it is part of the deal. 
I am proud of him. 




Comments on: "DIDN’T WE HAVE A LOVELY TIME. " (1)

  1. These quotes resonate with me, and my favourite is: Life is a path: death is a destination….

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