It has been a big week in some respects already and it isn’t over yet!

I’ve enjoyed the company of one of Daughter Number One’s school friends and her adorable baby girl. When we went to pick up Daughter Number Two from Baby Daddy so she could have dinner with us she hopped into the car and exclaimed “I am just happy to meet a friend of my sister’s”. I watched her face light up as the friend told Daughter Number Two how much she looked like her sister. When I posted photo’s the next day on facebook another school mate commented on how much Son Number Two looks like his his elder sister, that she had made the same facial expression. My eldest Daughter’s friend, now my friend, is a single Mum to two gorgeous girls. I listened to what is going on in her life and looked at photo’s of her daughters. She showed Daughter Number Two the tattoo on her ankle dedicated to her sister. We had dinner together. She stayed the night. I waved her goodbye. Life goes on.

One of my own high school friends was tagged in a facebook post. The son of one of her close friends had gone missing overseas, out of touch after being in regular contact with home during his travels. Social media was felt to be the most efficient way of locating and contacting him and I re-shared that photo appeal several times. All the while just feeling the dread of the not knowing. The unknown, for me, will always be worse and I empathised with the agony of that other mother, my friend’s friend. The appeals went out for days. It was torturous. But then her son made contact. And he was safe and well and alive. That Mother’s son was o.k. and I was reminded that sometimes good things happen too. Sometimes our children do come home.

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure and privilege of spending time and sharing time with a mother who was celebrating her son’s fifth birthday. I have known her and her sons for awhile now but yesterday was the first time I actually got to speak with her two oldest boys. Granted, they were three years younger the last time saw them so that limited the conversation potential but I enjoyed getting to know them better. I enjoyed watching this Mum with her three boys running around a park. I enjoyed taking photo’s of beautiful happy children having fun and capturing that for their Mummy as best I could with my camera. Today was her son’s actual birthday but his Mother does not get to spend time with her son today. We, all of us, the Mother’s; we do the best we can with what we have. And life is short.

A princess was born this week. A brand new beautiful baby full of hope and potential, as they all are. Named in part for a grandmother and a great-great-grandmother she will only know through the eyes of other people. Photo’s of a gorgeous young mother cradling her daughter in her arms, ten hours after giving birth, the entire world watching. Life goes on. Love goes on.

Mother’s Day is a difficult day, for me and for many others. There are lots of reasons for this but they are not beyond the scope of your imagination and those aren’t the things I want to emphasize in this post, because, well, is there really any need? So, what I will say instead is this;

This one is for the Mother’s and I will celebrate you on Sunday. The ones that have stood by me and the ones I have aspired to be like. The ones I empathise with and the ones I have learnt from. May your Mother’s Day be what you need it to be. May all your days be full of love.

Safe onward travel x


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