(Twice I wrote this post and twice I lost it into the ether, all while typing on my phone. Yet here it is! Once upon a time someone told me I was as tenacious as a mountain goat. This much I know for sure; I don’t give up easily and if I believe in something I will fight for it. I believe in this!) 

It’s a little after three in the morning and I’ve just hung up the phone from a call with a friend. I listened to her sobbing down the phone line and wished I could be close enough to hug her but I’m not, so I pick up the phone and I listen to her tears. 

It has been a long week for lots of people, some of whom I love dearly! Life really shouldn’t be this hard. My heart is heavy tonight thinking of how much pain we foist on each other, unnecessarily. Of course there are times it can’t be helped. If you leave yourself open to meaningful relationships then you know at some stage you will suffer for that vilnerability. People make mistakes. Since we all do know that, couldn’t we be a little kinder to each other the rest of the time? Like, on purpose? 

A gorgeous friend introduced me to a new word the other day:

It’s a concept I try to live by anyway so to find out there was a word for it was doubly cool! I love learning new words as it is but this one gave me a particular buzz. It’s simple really; don’t be a dick. If there is an occasion where you can’t actually help someone – and let’s be real, those occasions are rare – then at the very least do no harm. This idea can be applied universally; to animals, to the environment, to ourselves. We could all use more kindness in our lives but if you can’t go that far at the very least do no harm. It’s called ‘respect’ people! Be considerate! Ahimsa. 

What I’m asking of you today is simply to think about the footprints you leave behind and where you can, step softly. Be gentle with each other. Be gentle with yourselves. 

Safe onward travel, with all my love x 


Comments on: "DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HURT ME. " (2)

  1. I love the quote, I love the word and the values behind them are one’s I love myself. Easier said than done sometimes but always a worthy aim

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