A low key Sunday for me today. It has been a tiring week, emotionally, so I have no plans today other than words and music and friends. The last two nights I have had dreams that have transported me through time and space, to the sides of ones I have loved. Whilst within the dream everything is good but the waking up is brutal and disorientating. So, I’m going softly, softly today but I’m still moving forward. 

Timehop has been kind enough to show me where I was; two years ago, three years ago, with posts from this blog and photo’s from facebook. Do you know what? That’s ok. It shows me how far I’ve come. As I’ve told you before, I move on carrying the good things with me but all of it, the good, bad and indifferent, have shown me what I’m made of. 

I hope your Sunday is what you need it to be! 

Safe onward travel x 


Comments on: "LET THIS LINGER. " (3)

  1. You are made from very good stuff, and it shows in the way you battle your challenges 🙂

  2. You have a fan Kate but there must be a lot of ducks where he’s from as he’s forever counting them

    • kate4samh said:

      When someone finds value in my words it is always gratifying. Hell, it’s a miracle that my words are found at all! Having regular readers is a novelty that never wears thin.

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