It is the early hours of the morning and today is the day after yesterday. The area where I live now is poised, ready for a storm coming off the back of a cyclone. All the Catholic schools in the region are closed today and my Partner in Crime friend suggested maybe the Catholics know something the rest of us don’t as all other schools remain open. Hell, maybe they do! They had Noah!

Me, I love a storm. We’ve spoken before, you and I, of my affinity for the wild things; the vast, raw ocean, turbulence on a plane. Storms are magic to me and the whole place was abuzz with expectation yesterday. It’s as if most people went to sleep holding their breath in anticipation.

Yesterday I went to a lookout with my Partner in Crime to see the ocean. It was tantalisingly and magnificently tempestuous. It reminded me of the final scene in the movie Point Break, although it had not yet reached it’s full potential. A camera man and a reporter pulled up near us and set up to film. I wanted to go down and sit on the beach; to be buffeted by the wind as sand whipped against my face. But, you know, real life! So I took my photo’s and eventually we got back in the car. As we drove towards my friend’s home Eminem’s “I’m Not Afraid” started playing and we turned it up so loud I could feel the bass thumping in my chest.

Son Number Two and I had dinner with my Partner in Crime and his Better Half and their sons. There was good food and great company and exceptional bourbon. Many laughs were had. After dinner my Young Friend and his Lovely Fiancée arrived. They are travelling in this part of the world at the moment, for which I am most grateful because I get to hug them a little while longer. There were many more laughs and I admired their newly acquired body art before bidding everyone goodnight and taking my leave,

Shortly after the goodnight texts and shortly before midnight came the crushing but not unexpected news that the Lovely Fiancée’s beloved Uncle had died. Not unexpected because an accident a little while ago had left him fighting a losing battle. My beautiful friend, the Lovely Fiancée, sent me a heartbroken text and I threw a jacket over my pyjamas and walked back to my Partner in Crime’s house where the Lovely Fiancée was sitting in the dark out the front. So I sat with her.

Life is short guys and it turns on a dime. One brief instant and everything changes. The Lovely Fiancée’s beloved Uncle actually introduced her mother to her father. Without him, and that moment, she would not exist. He literally knew her and loved her for her entire life. Long before that he was, and remained, her father’s best friend.

There is nothing I can do for the Lovely Fiancée but be her friend and travel with her, so that’s what I will do. It is what she has done for me. I will throw a jacket over my pyjamas and walk in the middle of the night to get to her, without hesitation, so she knows I’ve got her back. That is what life is about. It is about standing on a lookout staring at the oncoming storm together. It is about music and laughter and friends. It is about love and it is for living.

And it is so, so short! So live, laugh, love NOW!

Safe onward travel Tom x





  1. To have a friend who understands what that word means can lift life towards the beautiful and, even in tragic situations, you do that.

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