A bit of a fragile day today. It started this morning in the car listening to the radio. “By My Side” by INXS came on and reminded me of Malcolm. The song following it reminded me of someone else I’ve loved and lost. A musical one-two combination that winded me.


I was riding the train thinking how evocative music can be. How amazing memory is that a little fragment of something; a line of a book, the name of a street, a certain scent can transport us so thoroughly to another time and space. I was thinking of that movie with Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. They are a couple who, after a break up, have every memory of each other erased from their minds only to spend the rest of the film trying to fill the gap.

That is the deal I guess. With the ecstasy comes the agony. As I said in an earlier post there are positives in both if you look for them. Today was bittersweet but only because I’ve known the sweet at all.


One of my knights phoned me not much later. Although I don’t get to talk to him as much as I’d like these days he is still excellent value when I do and he was definitely the bright spot in my day. Love takes many forms. I’m still a true believer guys, so, courtesy of the internet and for your viewing pleasure, please find Stan Beaton, who kept his wife’s outgoing voicemail message on his phone for 14 years after she died, just so he could hear her voice. Then his phone was upgraded and the message was lost. Stan, understandably, was devastated but what happened next was beautiful. Check it out!

Then this short piece about unrequited love:

Holding on, letting go; two sides of one coin.

Safe onward travel x



  1. Comings, and goings. The bumpiest part of life.

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