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“Good morning you hot little bitch.”

I love waking up to a text like this. I guess I am a hot little bitch? Um. I haven’t answered this text and I probably won’t. Who in the world says that? Jerks. Jerks say that.  Maybe I could respond with “Fuck off Asshole”, but I have decided to be mature.

A Message to Men:
If you are slightly interested in a woman or (even better) you actually LIKE a woman… Please don’t text her, at all, with the word “bitch”. It’s unattractive and immature. The types of texts that women would like to receive include the following (You can add your own twist and be sexy about it!):

• Good Morning (Positive Quality) i.e. Beautiful, Sexy, Cutie, any cute nick name you have for her will work.
• How is your day going? – Because we like to know that you’re interested…

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Comments on: "Good Morning You Hot Little Bitch" (4)

  1. I’m not sure if “Liking” this is the appropriate response. At first, with utter horror, I thought it was you who had been addressed in this manner, which would not be helpful in the current climate. Then, with mild relief, I realised you had re-blogged it and it was some other lady who had been demeaned and insulted, which may not reflect well on me. Anyway, I then lurched off to her Blog and left an equally wordy answer. I hate boorish behaviour and its demeaning undertones.

    • Liking this piece is EXACTLY the appropriate response; it is very well written.

      To be brutally honest the opening of the post was not why I reblogged it. If I received such a text it more than likely would make me laugh, either because the sender knew me very well, in which case it would clearly be for my amusement, or not at all, in which case it would be amusing to me for other reasons. Whether or not it would endear the sender is altogether another matter but I call my girlfriends ‘bitch’ as a form of endearment and with tongue firmly planted in cheek; no disrespect intended or felt.

      I reblogged for the guts of the piece and the ‘How hard is it to be honest?’ vibe. I agree totally with the sentiments expressed. Game playing is so unnecessary!

      I guess the overwhelming message is to treat each other with respect, at the very least, if not kindness. Which really shouldn’t be that hard.

      • I understand that. If a girl calls another girl “bitch” it can easily be humorous and a sign of friendship, but from a man to a women who he does not know that well, it is far less engaging. Mind you, it is possible I have got the wrong end of the stick entirely, which is one of my skills, in which case I’ve spouted nothing more than pompous nonsense but I have had to live with that before 😦

      • As you say, the context is important and in the context given the recipient found it offensive or at the very least puerile. My point was merely that it wasn’t the terminology used, in and of itself. Also, that I felt the further points in the post deserved emphasis. There was no criticism. To each their own 🙂

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