Yep, me again. I have more time on my hands and no less things on my mind at present so you’ll have to bear with me for a little bit folks!

Last night there was a fantastic storm with crashing thunder and lightning that made the dark into daylight. It was fabulous! Although I felt for the dogs – one in particular – and the goats – one in particular – who may be bothered by the storm I have always loved storms and after the incessant, oppressive heat it was glorious just to stand out in the open air and watch the show.

It is the wildness, the unpredictability, the raw energy that I love for all the same reasons I love the ocean and turbulence on a plane. I was speaking to a friend and he said he had been in a number of storms whilst sailing and loved it, surviving being a fantastic feeling once you get to harbour. His statement was interesting to me because although I agree with him for me the exhilaration is absolutely in the storm, not on reaching the harbour. I really do like the reminder that there are so many things bigger than I am but also the recognition that I am a part of the whole and just as fierce and free as any other untamed force.

I find myself standing on a precipice again today and that same mix of apprehension and excitement. In a little over a week the next phase of my life will really be able to begin and I am so looking forward to it. I don’t do limbo well and waiting for things to happen drives me spare. One at least likes to have the illusion of thinking one is in the drivers seat! I do try to live in the present moment and some days I am better at that than others but for me the stark reality is always that life is short. Make the most of what you have while you have it because tomorrow is never promised. So, I don’t have any problem jumping. Once I commit to something I am all in.

My sailing friend very kindly also said that if he was all at sea, figuratively speaking, and I was standing on the deck ready to face the storm with him he would find it heartening, which was gratifying to hear. I like reciprocal arrangements! Once again I am lucky to have my crew, two of whom get a special mention in this post for their unflinching support, without which my steps of late would have been much more faltering.

It is rather awe inspiring and extremely humbling to watch beautiful people support me so comprehensively. Completely without hesitation and calling me silly in the face of my own. I am blessed indeed.

When I awoke this morning the sky was grey and there was drizzling rain. Now it’s blue skies and sunshine as far as the eye can see. Which is the way it goes. Sunset, sun rise. Rain and then sunshine. There are positives in all of them if that is what you are seeking to find.

Safe onward travel x




  1. I can so very much relate! Whenever I was discouraged or overwhelmed in life I always sought the “bigger than me.” The mountain, the beach, the incomprehensible night sky. There is something so life giving in losing yourself in the greatness of the universe around us. I, too, am planning a major change in my life. You have inspired me.

    • That is probably the best compliment I can receive and I thank you for your kindness. Wishing you all the best with your planning and journey!

  2. Scott Fitzgerald is one of my favourite writers, and it was lovely to read his quote. I am a lover of wlld weather , and the sense of the elemental it brings to me. Even as one phase of your life ends and you find youself moved towards a new chapter, the very uncertainty can be as exciting as that wild weather, and you are never alone. There is always a curious fellow of uncertain dress sense who keeps you in his thoughts.

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