Today’s post is brought to you in the interests of self preservation. It has just gone ten o’clock. Son Number Two is back to school today and I’ve done all the housework. I’m sat here twiddling my thumbs and going out of my mind, so here we are! I don’t really have anything to say so I thought I’d show you what other people are doing and saying and sharing. Here for your entertainment, in no particular order, are assorted bits and pieces from the interweb. Enjoy!

* “We all need love and recognition, but first you must believe them real. Feel a look filled with compassion is not a plan to make you ill. Care beyond his comprehension  might heal him, if he learned to trust.  Faith is all God asked of him because without it we are lost.” – Peter Wells, Countingducks. 

My friend and published author Peter Wells writes over at Countingducks. He’s not bad, so please check him out.  

* Liam, over at Date Liam, is looking for a Valentine’s date. Since my gorgeous friend Courtney Beck from “Reasons to Date Courtney Beck” had such blinding success in a similar fashion and because I have all kinds of admiration for anyone willing to put themselves out there and, ok, because I love Valentine’s Day it seems fitting to give Liam a shout out. So, all the single ladies head on over!  

* Speaking of Valentine’s Day, Hallmark Cards are running an advertising campaign called #putyourhearttopaper, asking people to describe their feelings for their significant other without using the word ‘love’. They videotaped it and got the couples to watch each others video’s, together. Ashton Kutcher wrote about it here and one of the video’s is below. They are worth watching; it’s surprisingly moving. 

* Also incredibly powerful watching is this video. I can’t give you a description because it’ll spoil it for you but WOW!

* Now for a very important message. Actually, there are several messages here; pick one that works for you or take them all!

Hope you’ve found something of interest here. I’m heading out for a walk!

Safe onward travel x 



  1. Nice little digest — especially leading off with the fellow that led me to you!

  2. I think, in the circumstances “No comment” is the only comment I can make without blushing, but what would life be like without friendship, and I value yours highly 🙂

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