As regular readers will doubtless be aware I am not much of a people person. I have very dear friends whom I treasure but I am selective about who I expend energy on and, for the most part, meeting new people and making idle chit chat just feels too much like hard work. Last night I was thrust into a scenario that had all the hallmarks of my own personal nightmare. My Young Friend and his lady were at a Christmas celebration with friends and out of sheer and complete necessity I had to meet up with them for a lift.

When we arrived I asked how long my Young Friend thought they’d be, with every intention of waiting anti-socially in the car but my friend said they were just about to have some food and that Son Number Two and I should come in. I plaintively protested that I am not really a people person and with all the optimism and enthusiasm of his youth he insisted he’d make me one. Yeah, he’s good but not that good. For that he’d need to be magic! Practically speaking though it made more sense to go inside rather than wait for an extended period in the car so, with the promise of a largish dog within, I got out of the car and followed him in. I’d met the hosts once before, on my birthday, and my Young Friend and his fiancée were there, of course. The dog of a largish persuasion was also there and gave me a big sniff which was comforting.  There was an inebriated man there who reinforced for me my dislike of same. Although he was cheerful and harmless I still felt uncomfortable. Then I saw this coaster which reminded me of someone for whom I hold a great deal of fondness and that made me smile:


Dinner was served and the children present were fed first. Son Number Two came back with his plate and told me that “All the meat is seafood Mum!” – he’s not a fan. Neither am I really, only in a very pedestrian unimaginative kind of way, but I was already pushing the envelope by being there so I thought ‘What the hey!’. I’m an ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ kind of girl. So when the hostess asked if I wanted something to eat I said ‘yes, please’ and out came a plate of salad – green, pasta and potato varieties – plus barbecued and seasoned salmon, prawns and scallops. It looked great, it smelt great and it tasted as good as well. If I’d ordered dinner myself it would never have been something I’d have chosen but I enjoyed it very much. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

Later on the 39 year old host guessed my age to be 35, bless him, which was a little salve to my bruised and battered ego. The night wore to a close and I survived it all. If there is one thing I am sure of it is that you cannot stand still. Life goes on and sometimes you have to step off the precipice. Either you will fall or you will fly. But standing still is stagnating and I’ve never been good at that. I don’t aspire to be good at it because to me it is akin to death. And it’s always better to jump before you are pushed!

So, I’ll keep learning and growing and taking leaps of faith. It’s a strange life but you work with what you have.

Safe onward travel x


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