After another flight and a train trip up the coast Son Number Two, Daughter Number Two and I arrived at our station to be picked up to begin The Wedding festivities. That train station has changed since I knew it first. The overhead walkway and the stairs are at the opposite end of the platform than they used to be. This is the station from which I used to commute to my all girls, Catholic, junior high school and to Sydney to attend ATYP as a teenager. The station sits in the suburb where I attended the local public, co-ed high school, which is where I met my two very dear friends, one of whom was getting married this weekend. This was the station I alighted at on the day Daughter Number One was born, scared and unsure if the pain I was feeling were contractions. Across the road from the station sits the small unit where I lived during my first pregnancy.

We arrived and the night was dark and cool. It had been a long day. It was late. We were met by my high school friend’s child bride (she is ten years younger than the rest of us!) who collected some take away before taking us to the venue. The Child Bride looked fantastic and it was so very good to see her again! There we met up with my other dear high school friend and her daughter. I think I’ve mentioned before that we three high school friends each have daughters born in the same year; very cool indeed! When Daughter Number Two lived with me we would regularly meet up with our daughters even though we lived a distance apart but Daughter Number Two had not seen her little friends for three years. It was a subdued reunion as my friend’s – let’s call my friend Comet for the purposes of this blog – daughter was unwell and Daughter Number Two had had a very long day but for me it was lovely to see them together again. Comet, her Shooting Star, my Son Number Two and Daughter Number Two and I sat down and had dinner together after exhorting the Child Bride to go home to her family to get some sleep before the big day.

Comet and I finished dinner and I helped her in continuing to decorate the reception space. When we’d gone as long as we could and thought that what was left was manageable the next day we headed to bed ourselves. When we awoke in the morning I opened the door of our cabin and looked across the grass to the building opposite. On the verandah of the hall like building opposite was a TARDIS!! Seriously!! Very cool indeed. So, I got Son Number Two and Daughter Number Two dressed and hauled them over there to take photo’s, as you do. The preparations and decorating for The Wedding continued into the morning and then it was time to get ready for the ceremony. I dressed Daughter Number Two in the dress that I’d ordered from the internet for her and it was as perfect with her colouring as I’d known it would be. Son Number Two put on his good jeans and a smart shirt and I dressed myself in a pastel rainbow jumper, a flowery skirt and these really cool, really cheap black boots that a friend of mine had helped me pick out several days before. Comet had decorated the ceremony site and the pathway leading to it with candles in jars and rainbow windmills. It was a beautiful bush setting with flowers and the sound of bird life in the trees. Then this lovely song started and from two different paths that converged into one the Child Bride and my dear other high school friend (we’ll call her Lovemetender), who I was seeing for the first time since we arrived, came walking towards the assembled gathering. Lovemetender was holding their eldest daughter’s, Priscilla’s hand and the Child Bride held the hand of their youngest daughter, Lisa-Marie. I had only ever met Lisa-Marie once before, on the day she had arrived home from hospital after her birth three years earlier. The two brides and their two beautiful daughters walked down their paths and then met in the middle. They walked to the front of their assembled guests and stood together in front of the celebrant.

The celebrant opened the ceremony and welcomed everyone. I knew that I was up next and as I felt my throat constrict with unfallen tears of the happy persuasion I remembered that it had been a very, very long time – literally decades – since I had done any kind of public speaking. I wondered if I would be able to speak at all. It was such an honour to be asked though and meant so much to me, so I took a few deep breaths and when my name was called I stepped forward. My voice shook and it took effort to raise it to an audible level. I concentrated on Lovemetender and her bride and spoke the words I had written specially for them, to them. And they smiled and it was ok. I watched as my friends said their vows to each other and toddler wrangled simultaneously. I watched as the sand ceremony involved their nuclear and extended families. I watched as they signed their certificate and had photo’s at the end. There was so much love there and I was lucky to be a part of it. Seriously, there was laughter, tears, family and friends. There were two people madly in love committing to spending their lives and raising their family together. You don’t get much realer than that.

In all honesty I can say it was the best wedding I have ever been to and I’ve been to three of my own! On the day that would have marked the 25th anniversary of my own child bride wedding my lovely friends posted a video of photo’s of their special day set to music. I’ve watched it many times since then and the exquisite beauty never gets old. I see again in those photo’s how the Child Bride looks at Lovemetender, how they look at each other with such love, and I know in my life I have never had anyone look at me that way and chances are I never will. And watching their video I finally realised why there are so many people against gay marriage; they are afraid gays do it better!

Love to you all x




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