This post was going to be about The Wedding – and we’ll get there, I promise – but something AMAZING happened today!! It has been eighteen months now since Nana died. Time flies, hey? Today my telephone rang and when I answered it was a lady from the Aged Care facility where Nana spent the last years of her life.  The place with the wonderful, caring staff who looked after Nana as if she was their own. But hearing that after so long threw me a little; it was unexpected. I could never in a million years have guessed what she was about to say next.

“We’ve been having a jewellery audit” she began – and that there exists such a thing as a ‘jewellery audit’ is my new thing that I have learnt today! – “and we found a ring belonging to your Nana, gold with a stone?”. It was at this point that I burst into tears. Over a year before my Nana had died I noticed she was no longer wearing her engagement ring. I looked around and asked staff about it and they duly searched the safe and other likely places, high and low, but came up empty. Nana’s rings had been getting looser and looser and I just sadly assumed that it had been lost, gone forever.

I retrieved the power of speech as quickly as I could and stuttered “Really?”. The kind lady asked me what I would like her to do with the ring and I asked her to post it to me. After assuring me that she would send it registered post she signed off to let me compose myself.

Eighteen months after my Nana died her ring will be making the journey across the country as I have so many times before it and when it arrives I’ll proudly wear it and remember a grand lady I was lucky to know and love. And who loved me back. Another Sagittarian kindred spirit. A part of my chosen family and of my biology; not many people I can say that about! How amazing is that? How honest and honourable and just plain decent of those staff members who found the ring!

It’s like a gift from my Nana, across time, distance and death. It’s been a pretty crappy time. I miss Daughter Number Two extremely. I can see her here, feel her here, where she was, but she has gone. I have a piece of paper that says she could be here for Christmas but finances will probably prevent that. The good news has been that my friend Frankie’s biopsy came back as almost certainly not cancer. Which is a big relief after the couple of weeks fretting about it. Anyway, what I am trying to say is “Nice timing Nana” or fate or the Universe or whomever is responsible.  THANK YOU! I needed that.

At the end of the day love is what remains and, like life, it goes on x


Comments on: "PUT A RING ON IT!" (3)

  1. What a lovely story that is. She would be very pleased I’m sure

  2. […] of the things crossed off my list this week was getting my Nana’s ring repaired. You remember the story of being reunited with Nana’s ring don’t you? If not, it’s …The ring was split on the back and I needed to get it resized for my freakishly thin fingers. So, I […]

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