Soon I’ll be heading off on my trek to attend THE WEDDING. There is lots to be excited about and I am. I haven’t seen the happy couple since the day they brought their youngest daughter home from the hospital. She turned three this week. My other high school friend and her children I’ve not seen for the same amount of time. Other dear friends that I’ve not seen for over a year and online friends that I am meeting in real life on this trip. Don’t even get me started on how much I am looking forward to seeing Son Number One and Daughter Number Two; there are no words. The wedding itself of course, is something I am looking forward to greatly. Weddings are just so optimistic and full of love. Also, I get to fly; lots and lots of plane trips! I love to fly; it makes me feel closer to Daughter Number One. A bit silly I know but true nonetheless. Besides, flying is fun! I guess, like marriage, plane flights are a leap of faith. That works for me. 

So, there is lots to look forward to and be excited about and I am. It’s just to do all that I have to leave home and that is very hard. It doesn’t get any easier. Whenever I leave people I love I am always mindful that there are no guarantees I will see them again. Shit happens, every day, and I know for certain that your life and world can change in an instant and that once people are gone they can be real, real gone. Never coming back kind of gone. I never forget to live every day as if it is my last because I never lose sight of the fact it just might be. That has positives and negatives. I’m not a big future planner; I can’t really see that far ahead. But I digress. 

It is hard to leave home but I need to go to this wedding and see my people and collect Daughter Number Two and bring her home with me. I cannot be in two places at once no matter how hard I have wished it. So, I’ll take home with me in my heart and follow the stars to find my way back again.

Because you don’t know whether you can fly until you step off the edge. 

Safe onward travel x 





Comments on: "HOLD ONTO ME AS WE GO." (2)

  1. I know a fellow who once told me, I am on my way home with the first step outside my door. Safe travels, Kate.

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