There’s a thing going around facebook at the minute. Grateful posts, where people write things each day they are grateful for, for a number of days and then nominate a friend to do the same. It’s been a fab read and the timing for me has been perfect. I read an especially fine one this evening. A nice refocus or as the professionals say, reframing.

It’s a philosophy I can subscribe to so in that spirit;

I’ve spent time today with a dear friend and her two beautiful Danes who let me hold them and sob into their fur and who were kind enough not to mention it afterwards. Great Danes – can’t beat them.

My friend made me laugh and made me lunch and gave me a gorgeous bag and perfume to wear to THE WEDDING. She spoiled me.

I browsed for shoes and found a pair of bright red mock Docs.

I was picked up from the train station by my young friend and while on the way home Son Number Two saw an emu but I only saw the sheep so my friend pulled the car around and went back and the emu raced the car along the fence line before coming right up to the car and just standing there, posing for my camera it seemed. I saw kangaroos in the back paddock in the headlights glow last night too. It never gets old!

I cooked tacos for dinner and as we ate the female half of the young couple we are staying with turned to her man and said ‘I don’t think we will need our ten minute talk tonight because you’ve been home all day’. I asked, what is the ten minute talk? And my young friend told me they had felt they weren’t connecting in a meaningful way, working all day and coming home and collapsing in front of the tv. So they devised a plan to spend ten minutes every day, no matter what, checking in with each other. Ten minutes, he said, you don’t even miss it but it makes a difference! And I wondered how he got so smart so young.

There’s a wood fire and it warms the entire huge house so that I’m not even wearing a jumper at the moment, when I’ve been wearing four layers routinely this winter.

I listened to a friend full of hope for a new relationship and another looking forward to a holiday with his lady love. Lots of my knights making sure I am ok and loving me with their thoughts and words. It is humbling in the extreme. I am truly blessed.

I could drown in all that I have lost but I choose to see all I still have. So I just keep swimming.

Live, laugh, love x






Comments on: "Moats And Boats And Waterfalls, Alleyways And Pay Phone Calls." (2)

  1. I love wood stoves. Beautiful way to preserve. Hold the tears close, and spread the smiles.

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