I try not to keep up to date with current affairs. I’m not really a news reader or watcher. But sometimes things get through. Planes being blown out of the sky over the Ukraine and what is happening in Gaza for example. My facebook news feed is full of it and while I am not ever losing sight of the fact that that is far preferable to my back yard being full of it it is still traumatising. 

I decided a long time ago to try to hang on to my belief in the inherent goodness of the majority of humanity. I have to believe in that. While I think we are flawed beings I also think that at the end of the day we want the same things and bleed the same colour and that most of us are just doing the best we can to be decent people. There are exceptions to every rule of course but I have to believe we are mostly good because it would be all too easy for me to become bitter and twisted and closed of mind and heart. It’s much, much safer to just close yourself off from others but not half as satisfying. So, I keep the faith. 

And closer to home, on a much smaller scale than the magnitude of recent world events, here’s why: 

Daughter Number Two’s teacher sent me some photo’s of my girl. I very, very rarely receive photo’s from Baby Daddy. Son Number One sends me some when he can but he doesn’t get to see his sister very much either. So, these photo’s, taken on Daughter Number Two’s birthday when I sent cupcakes to school for her, are pure gold. The teacher sent me hard copy ones, seven of them that she printed out. Then she actually posted them in the mail to me. After taking them for me in the first place. Above and beyond, you guys, above and beyond. 

Then also this week a friend offered to buy me a dress to wear to THE WEDDING. How sweet is that? Not an offer I felt I could accept but I was curious to check out my friend’s eBay shop because, well, I’m nosey like that and because eBay holds a special place in my heart. So I did and she has some really cool stuff! She also had the most perfect, warm and comfortable looking jumper and I knew we were made for each other so I clicked on ‘buy it now’ and emailed my friend to let her know when I’d pay. Except she doesn’t want me to. Which is something I would totally do for someone else but which I find a bit of a challenge to let someone do for me. It’s lovely and generous and so very kind of her. It is very much appreciated. 

These are two kindnesses which this past week have meant a lot to me. Look for them in your world! BE them in your world! be-the-change  

And you guys, my new jumper? It has ‘Peace’ and ‘Love’ on the front! How cool is that? What the world needs now, hey?

Safe onward travel x 





Comments on: "WHAT MIGHT SAVE US, ME AND YOU." (4)

  1. I can’t believe I got a mention in your blog! That is so special! Peace and love ♥

  2. I am thinking, this morning, of how much energy we would have as human beings for creative, glorious pursuits if we simply put the hate aside. Thank you, Kate, for a lovely morning wake up.

  3. Well done Kate, an absolute honour to receive a mention. You’re very talented and I love your philosophy on life.

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