The doctor said to me the other week “You aren’t twenty five any more” and that is true. The thing is, I’m not dead yet either. I don’t actually want to be twenty five again and even if I did you can’t go back. In a lot of ways this is the best I’ve ever been, certainly I know more about myself now than I did then. And life is short and I want to keep living and learning and loving while I’m here, otherwise what is the point? 

So, in just over a month I will be travelling across the country and along the coast to attend the Very Special Wedding. During my travels I will get to spend time with people I love,  who love me and have loved me through the best and the worst of times. I am excited about so many things; spending time with Daughter Number Two and Son Number One, the Very Special Wedding, being able to hug friends I’ve only spoken to online and on the telephone. Some special people are actually travelling to meet up with me! There will be friends, photo’s and fun! 

It gladdens my heart, all of it. I am a lucky girl! 

Safe onward travel x 



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