As regular viewers are aware I am a super big fan of the interwebs. I don’t usually qualify this but the truth is that I see it as an adjunct to real life experiences. I’m a big fan of communication in all it’s forms and I like the internet for connecting people. That being said I also try to translate ‘virtual’ friendships into real life ones. It’s not that I think online friendships are necessarily less ‘real’, in some ways they can be more intense, more intimate than our face to face contacts. It is conversely easier to expose yourself while hiding behind a screen. But for me I like layers and depth, so if I can I like to get to know my online friends offline too. Then of course there are the real life friends, some of whom I had before I had the internet!! For me, it is in the mix. It is about balance. This video touched me none the less.

On the weekend The Love of My Life and I stepped out of our daily routine. On Friday night we went out to dinner with his children and Son Number Two. Good food, a lovely view and the very best of company – it was wonderful! On Saturday, on the spur of the moment, The Love of My Life decided we should drive Son Number Two to his drama class and hang out to watch. His drama teacher is absolutely lovely and I was interested to see her work. I was also, naturally enough, happy to see my Son in action. I was not disappointed on either count. Afterwards Son Number Two went for a sleepover at a friend’s house and The Love of My Life and I went to meet up with a friend of his. The friend was funny and interesting and entertaining. It was a very pleasant way to pass the time. Intelligent conversation always does it for me. It was stuff I really needed. I hope we get to do it all again soon. Or something like it.

Safe onward travel x

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  1. This little video was one of my “shares” on FB. Last year I was so focused on work and projects and family needs I barely stepped out of the house (except for groceries and such things) until nearly fall. I remember looking around and thinking – I missed summer. I don’t intend to let that happen this year.

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