Robert Frost said ‘Freedom lies in being bold’. Mr Frost said a lot of things. He da man. I don’t know if I completely agree but I know for sure that freedom doesn’t lie in bed with fear. You’d be surprised at the many ways my daughter’s death can be used by people with their own agendas. At least, I always am. It always shocks me, the depths some people will go to, how low they will sink.  The death of Daughter Number One truly has afforded me access to the very best and the very worst of human nature. Luckily for me, mostly it’s been the best but every so often it is the other. 

I still have that standing on the edge of the precipice feeling. I said in my last post that it’s that feeling when you wonder whether or not you are going to fall. I’ve realised this week that there are more choices than falling or not falling. For example, maybe you can step off. Maybe you can take a running leap. Maybe you can fly. And that appeals to me so very much more than being pushed. 

So, I’m taking my run up. I’m letting go. And I don’t know if I’ll fly or fall and I don’t know where I’ll land but I’m the one jumping. This is my choice. This is my life. She was MY DAUGHTER, not your weapon.


And travel safe my friends x


Comments on: "THE END OF THE INNOCENCE." (2)

  1. ***I’ve realised this week that there are more choices than falling or not falling**

    My sister was murdered on May 26, 2010 by her husband. I fell. I fell so damn hard…

    but somehow, some way… I found my way back.

    I now consider my sister part of the solution to END domestic violence–Not a victim.

    I was told about your blog by Peter from “Counting Ducks.”

    Keep telling your story.

    I “HEAR” you.


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