Remember my Name.

I went with Son Number Two today to an acting class he was given on signing up with his agency. He did the modelling component last Saturday. It was held in a high school classroom. I am fond of schools outside of school hours. Some presence or energy lingers, and in this particular school there was a very interesting rock formation sprouting up out of the ground to the rear of the place. I liked it. 

Listening to the instructor begin the class I was transported to my long lost youth and my own adventures in the world of acting. I don’t know where my passion came from, just that it was strong and there from a very young age. To the best of my knowledge neither of my parents had any interest in the theatrical arts but I pursued acting with a passion; getting myself parts as an extra, an agent and a scholarship to Australia’s oldest and largest youth theatre company. It was my dream and my only answer whenever I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. However “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”. C’est la vie!

While Son Number Two’s class was being held parents had to wait outside.  As Son Number Two was only one of two boys and older than the other it was easy to tell when he was speaking, even though I couldn’t actually hear his words. There seemed to be lots of laughter which I thought was good. As I sat there the agency representative – the same lady who initially signed him up – walked by. She said “He’s doing really well in there! He’s the stand out!” and I thanked her as she went back inside. And again came a rush of deja vu but not for my own childhood. Memories of Daughter Number One pounded through my veins and rushed to my head and a sob escaped my lips. I walked to the rocky outcrop at the back of the school to compose myself. Oh Sam! My Sam! Where would you be now? What would you be doing? Daughter Number One shared the same passion and I’ve no doubt she’d be living the dream were she still here today. 

I went into the classroom to watch the participants do a mock commercial at the end of the lesson. Son Number Two held his own. The class ended and I passed along the positive feedback. We were walking to the bus stop when the drama teacher drove passed us, did a u-turn and pulled up beside us. She spoke to me about an acting class she runs each week and encouraged Son Number Two to come along. She offered us a lift and then drove us past the railway station, onto the freeway, off the freeway and back to the railway station again. This lady was someone whom the description of madcap would suit and I mean it as a compliment! It was a wholly entertaining fifteen minute car trip and a very satisfying morning.

Son Number Two doesn’t seem to have the same drive for drama but he is enjoying it very much. He did drama as an elective last term at school and there was a very nice letter sent home about how well he had done in that class. It seems to be something he has an aptitude for but he’s quite laid back about it. He’s keen to do the Saturdays though, so we’ll see. The teacher does a lot of different kinds of acting work and her enthusiasm is infectious. She’s obviously been around the traps in the state where we live and that kind of connection can only be a positive if Son Number Two decides this is something he wants to pursue. Now, if I can just get Daughter Number Two the singing lessons I think she would love!

These talents are ones they share with their big sister, and with me. I like that.

Safe onward travel x



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  1. I love the way you nurture and encourage your kid’s abilities. They are clearly benefiting from it, in terms of confidence and expression. Lovely. I love ‘madcap’ people too, but that won’t surprise you

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