The Love of My Life is one of a kind. He is not conventional, which is one of his strengths, in my eyes. He thinks outside the box and is always a little left of centre. His outlook marries with mine in many important ways and he understands me in ways no one else does. We have similar values and priorities. This weekend has highlighted for me once again the many things I cherish about him. 

I told you about the wedding we’d been invited to previously. It was this weekend. As well as our own menagerie we are dog sitting the two Great Danes of the happy couple whilst they are getting married and going on honeymoon. During the week The Love of My Life said that he thought it would be cool if we took their precious dogs to the Cathedral to wait for their Mummy and Daddy to come out after getting married. I agreed it was a spectacularly good idea. This beautiful couple dote on their equally gorgeous dogs.

So the day came and we arrived at the Cathedral and waited outside. The bells rang out announcing they were wed and then there they were – the breathtakingly beautiful Bride, lovely in lace, and her gobsmackingly gorgeous Groom resplendent in his red kilt! The looks on their faces when they saw their beloved babies was priceless! They were literally moved to tears. It was most excellent! It meant they could have wedding photo’s with their boy and girl – their family (to date) together!

The Love of My Life later remarked that he was surprised I was so relaxed about missing the wedding ceremony and the reception just so we could make sure the VIP’s were in attendance. Firstly, he knows me better than that. Don’t get me wrong, he knows me well enough to know I would have been thrilled to see this lovely young couple saying their vows and a night out is a night out! The Love of my life knows I’ve not been to many weddings. He knows I’ve been looking forward to this one as I’ve been excited since getting the invitation. That being said, here’s the second thing; this wedding, their special day, simply wasn’t about me. Do you know, once you’ve grown up enough to realise not everything is about you it is rather liberating? For me, it gives travelling through life a gracefulness it lacked before that epiphany. Simply, this couple’s wedding day was about them and The Love of My Life’s excellent idea ensured we could contribute to their happiness in a unique and meaningful way. Sold. These little things, these are the things that matter. Not the car you drive or the clothes you wear or the balance of your bank account. THESE are the memorable moments.

He’s not perfect, this man of mine, but he has flashes of pure billiance and the sexiest mind I know. There’s another example of his magic here. How could I not go along with such an awesome idea? It was the best fun I’ve had in ages. I’m a ‘why not?’ kind of a girl. Life is short and terminal for us all so you might as well have some fun along the way. If you can make someone else smile then why wouldn’t you? When all else is gone love is what remains. That’s a legacy I’d be proud of.

Travel safe x



Comments on: "ARE YOU GONNA GO MY WAY?" (2)

  1. Your Pete has a fantastic blend of understanding, intuition and sensitivity. Just the kind of bloke you deserve, and I’m pleased you’ve found him

    • kate4samh said:

      Thank you for your kind words 🙂 He is many things and I’m glad to have found him too x

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