On Saturday night I went out to dinner with The Love of My Life. You know, like people do. And oh guys! It was such a great night. Perfect really. One perfect night. It was a ‘Christmas in July’ themed menu and the food was delicious, doubly so because I didn’t have to prepare it. Best of all I got to revisit somewhere beautiful and actually enjoy it this time! Remember this place? Even as miserable as I was when I was there last I had been able to absorb the beauty of the place. And it was truly wonderful to be back! The whole place decorated with Christmas decorations and fairy lights. Wooden table and floorboards, a fire burning in the fireplace, live music playing. And the very best of company.


The Love of My Life wondered about the history of the place and I’ve been looking into it a bit this week. During the second world war the RAAF used it as a rehabilitation facility and when the war ended it became known as the ‘Honeymoon Hotel’. That gorgeous building has known suffering and been a refuge, a sanctuary and a place of recovery. It has known joy and hope, love and celebration. And that’s just during my two visits!

Life is short. It is important to make the most of every moment. In the most miserable of experiences there is the opportunity to explore, learn and grow. Look for the positives. Take your perfect nights where you find them; tomorrow is another day.

Travel safe my friends x



  1. With regard to your last paragraph, never a truer word spoken, and as for the rest, that you should have had such a meal in such a place, so charged with memory, with such a man. Who out here, who cares for your happiness, would not be pleased with that. Let us hope you both have many more of them.

    • kate4samh said:

      And those of us here, who care for both your writing AND your happiness, would be pleased if you stepped slowly away from the key board!! (Thanks though 🙂 )

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