It has been a week of mixed fortunes, as weeks often are. Definitive though, in terms of direction, and that can only be a good thing, my friends.

Some things are easy. The facebook page I liked for a friend because she was trying to win a competition for another friend of hers. And what do you know? I liked the page and won! And got to make the day of someone I’ll never meet. It was that easy.

Some things are hard. Chipping away at paperwork. Following proper procedures. Time consuming and dull but necessary evils. And if you keep chipping away eventually you get to where you are going to which makes the hard stuff worth it.

Some things you think are going to be hard turn out to be easy. When one door closes another opens and I can see clearly now through that open door.
I can walk through it knowing that I’ve given my all.

A friend asked me last night, if I thought it meant anything – the number of coincidences we’d discovered. He thought not then. But I wonder tonight, when we are having parallel experiences on opposite sides of the globe, whether he thinks THIS means anything? And if so, what? I look forward to finding out.

Life is an adventure. Safe onward travel my friends x


Comments on: "Every New Beginning is some other beginning’s end." (1)

  1. It would be a silly friend who didn’t.

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