I am a bit lost today. Suspended in my disbelief and cast adrift with no safe port in which to shelter. Ten years ago I had a beautiful, funny, clever, loving fourteen year old daughter. And by the end of this day ten years ago, she was gone.

It does not seem possible, that I could survive a full decade past my Daughter’s death, yet here I am. It does not seem possible that as vibrant as she was, she could just be gone. And in many important ways she isn’t.

She is there in the hearts and minds of her friends. Of my friends. Of her siblings. She is there each time I tell her story. And I appreciate all of that. But I can’t hug her or hear her voice or see her on stage and that hurts.

I am thankful, always, to those of you who travel with me. I am grateful for the fourteen years I had with my Sam. The last words today I will leave to one of Sam’s friends, because I couldn’t have said it better myself;

By: David 2:37pm Jun 1

There is barely a day that goes by that I don’t think of Sam. I may rarely speak of what was, but when I remember time stands still just for a moment before I’m swept away as the march of life moves on.

Lie in eternal peace, as the living linger. We will remember in quiet places, what you gave us, and give us.


Comments on: "Sleep in Heavenly Peace." (2)

  1. What can I say which will make a difference apart from the love you feel for her and the sense of her you still hold within you is a tribute to her character as is her affect on those around her. My thoughts are truly with you.

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