I’m on a train again this morning. The trains here are clean and efficient. It is an easy and pleasant way to travel. A few days ago I took two trains and over an hour to travel to an appointment. Arriving, finally, at the appointment it became clear within minutes that wires had been significantly crossed and the meeting was pointless.

Nevertheless it was a beautiful day – blue skies and sunshine. I had travelled to a part of the state I hadn’t ventured to before, further inland, and the landscape and scenery were different. The area I live in and predominantly spend my time in is relatively modern. New houses, new buildings. Further inland there were older buildings; churches and homes with more character and history. Big, tall, green trees. It was beautiful.

I left my appointment and walked, feeling the sun on my face, looking at charming old homes with little cottage gardens. I walked to the corner store and bought myself a vanilla milkshake. I savoured my milkshake and the sunshine as I walked back to the railway station to begin the return journey.

Is life about the journey or the destination? Both, I think. There will always be things outside our control. Detours, dead ends. You make the most of what you have. At least, I try. I do my best. And that, my friends, is all anyone can ever ask of me. Including myself.

Travel safe x



Comments on: "In an English Country Garden." (2)

  1. Is that a photo you took on your walk. In which case you stumbled on a beautiful place indeed. Is life about the journey or the destination? I don’t know, of course, or not until after I’ve had my lunch, at least, but it is certainly about unexpected discoveries and reflective peaceful moments , and you enjoyed one here.

    • kate4samh said:

      There is beauty in everything, should you seek it. And lunch is of extreme importance.

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