I was watching ‘Terminator’ last night with The Love of My Life when a memory slammed into me. Daughter Number One was young and she and I were in a cinema, watching Terminator. Only I couldn’t remember which Terminator, or how old she was, just that she was young and I’d been amazed she could sleep through it.

Today I Googled cinema release dates and realized it must have been Terminator 2. There was power to the memory but it was one that I hadn’t recalled for years. It winded me. It wounded me.

Mother’s Day is tomorrow. It is a day of emotional conflict for me. One of my friends is leaving on a jet plane. Sounds perfect to me. I may have to content myself with living vicariously.

Once you fly above the clouds the sky is always blue. I will try to focus on the positive, which is that for fourteen years I was blessed with the company of a glorious human being, who I was lucky enough to call my Daughter.

Travel safe my lovelies x


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