I want to Break Free.

As a rule I am not a very girly girl. I don’t often pamper myself or indulge in completely selfish pursuits. Today I did. Today I spent a couple of hours having my hair done and I am well pleased with it. It gives me a kick each time I look at it.

Yesterday I took Daughter Number Two to the cinema to see ‘The Croods’. It is a kids flick, an animated story about a family of cavemen. There are themes around growth, evolution, stepping out of your comfort zone, discovery, change and fear. It was very topical.

There is a line in it about ‘re-writing the rules’, which sounds good to me. When most people ask ‘why?’ I ask ‘Why not?’. Sometimes it seems as if the rules you make for yourself are the ones that bind you the most and keep you stuck. Which means the power to free yourself lies within yourself. It is hard work sometimes but broadening your horizons is a very good thing.

Last night I spent a few hours having an excellent conversation with my excellent friend. I hope it was as good for him as it was for me. Tomorrow I am meeting up with another friend and his lady love. I’ve not met her in person before but she seems very cool and she makes him happy which makes me so happy!

There really is a big, wide, world out there. Explore the world, explore other people, explore yourself. Live, laugh, love. Just do it!

Travel safe x


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