You better be home soon.

“The ocean is home Katie, it is where we come from, a long, long time ago. Home is always close to the heart.” – wise words from my lovely Knight, Sir Popeye.

I am looking forward to heading back to my side of the island but I have stopped short of saying I am heading home. Losing the first real home I have ever known has made me hesitate. ‘Come home’ He said and I did. Now that is gone. It is a blow and I don’t feel yet like anywhere is home anymore, although in terms of accommodation there are a few options I will explore on my return.

My friend and I travelled to the Eastern-
most point of Australia yesterday. I stood there and truly knew, literally as well as in every other sense, that I have gone as far as I can in this place. Nice symbolism. My plan is to travel to the Western-most point of the country. I am an ‘all the way’ kind of girl.

I loved what Popeye had to say. I like the idea of the ocean being home. If the ocean is home then the world is my home which fits in nicely with my travel plans. And it is close to my heart. Home is where the heart is. It is indeed. If I follow my heart I will find my way home.

There’s no place like home.
There’s no place like home.
There’s no place like home.


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