The way my Friend loves his Wife is amazing. I see him walk past her and reach out to touch her hip with his hand. An incidental, reflexive, unconscious action; he simply cannot keep his hands off her. They have been together almost three decades and his adoration and passion, his ardour is undiminished. It is impressive.

He is impressive. A fine figure of a man physically but also funny and clever with just the right amount of wickedness. My Friend shares a birthday with one of the loves of my life and many positive qualities. We were having lunch together the other week just after I arrived and a young, attractive blonde at an adjoining table jumped into our conversation, just to speak with him. She continued to engage him until we left. He is THAT kind of man.

I have never been loved like my Friend loves his Wife in my entire life. Three marriages and as you know not one decent proposal to show for it, and I have never been loved like that. I have loved another like that though. Loved so that time nor distance nor death can dull it.

It is always better to have loved and lost, for me, than never to have loved at all. I equate loving with living. But oh! What must it be like to BE LOVED like that?

I think it would be nice to find out.


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