Careless Whispers.

Baby Daddy has been extraordinarily well behaved while I have been here. We all knew that was never going to last. Yesterday he informs me that he has two sources feeding him information on my private life. Well, there’s a level of creepiness that’s hard to match. Over five years after we separated and with no relevance to shared parenting of Daughter Number Two this intense interest in my personal life is odd to say the least. Whoever the ‘sources’ are also must have no life of their own and what possible motivation?

Baby Daddy won’t tell me who his sources are – it is much more threatening to leave me thinking he has people spying on me. He says they were ‘well meaning’. Really? They ran to inform my ex-husband of something that was none of their business to share. There was no risk to Daughter Number Two. Anyone who knows either of us knows Baby Daddy has no concerns about my best interests. It was idle gossip at best and viciously malicious at worst. Baby Daddy says he won’t say who his sources are because he is not ‘a snitch’ ( he is, apparently, eight).

If both he and his ‘sources’ have not the courage to be transparent then that alone is a definitive sign that they are doing the wrong thing and don’t have the bollocks to back their actions. Small people, small minds, even smaller testicles.

Baby Daddy would have become aware eventually. It is not a secret; I have written about it here. The difference is that here it was in my own way, in my own time, by my own choice. That Baby Daddy was informed by his ‘sources’ is just something he is using to be threatening and intrusive with. It is something he would have twisted anyway. Baby Daddy says my Nana’s death prompted him to mention it. Wow. Another significant loss in my life compelled you to play power and control games and suggest you have people spying on me? Not everyone could make such a leap, but there you go.

It makes me mad when people mess with my freedoms, and my right to them. Luckily for me I find anger tremendously motivating. Life goes on.


Comments on: "Careless Whispers." (4)

  1. Empty words. Dont believe it. Its his way of getting the upper hand.

    • kate4samh said:

      Oh hello. Empty head more like. He was correct in content and if he read it here it is the least of what he’d be mentioning, but as I said, life goes on.

  2. Why what else is there? He’s clutching at straws and being oblique enough to get some things right.

  3. […] This morning I received an email from the legal firm representing Baby Daddy in a little difference of opinion we are having. The email came from an underling of the actual representative, who bluntly asked for Daughter Number One’s birth date with just her first name. There were a few things that bothered me about this. One was that this person is a stranger to me and did not know my daughter so I felt less familiarity and more respect would have been appropriate. Secondly, Baby Daddy and I actually got married on what would have been Daughter Number One’s 17th birthday. I met him less than twelve months after she died; even if he couldn’t remember which birthday I married him on he knew how old she was when she died. So, you know, do the math, genius. But he WOULDN’T. EVER. BE BOTHERED. Because all she ever was to him was an opportunity for exploitation; whether he was throwing her death at me to score points in an argument or spending the compensation money received from her death. He is a class act.  […]

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