Undeniably I am much relieved to have my return flights booked. I can exhale. I spent much of the day with a young friend. He is a lovely man and gave me a huge kick by opening the car door for me when we went out for lunch. He is impressive in many ways.

Excitingly and amazingly he is moving to where I live and it will be very cool to have him on my side of the country. My young friend has even applied for a job in the suburb I live in, without knowing it was where I lived. He is driving from coast to coast and heads off tomorrow which means he will be there when I get back and we can reconnect and become really, really, really good friends – because one is not enough 🙂 .

Weird how things turn out but change isn’t necessarily bad. It is funny how people come into your life and the parts they ultimately play. This is a friendship I look forward to continuing, and to seeing where it leads. Life is an adventure.

See you on the flip side. Travel safe x


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