I know I harp on about it but my friends are amazing. On the day before my Nana’s funeral it’s as good a time as any to take a moment to express my appreciation.

Right this very minute I am cruising through the countryside with my dear friend T. He and his gorgeous wife are taking care of us while we are here. The Radiators are blasting from the stereo now. We’ve already had ‘A Town Called Malice’ and I just found the joy in it. We’ve just finished visiting with T’s beautiful daughter and meeting her dogs and having lunch with Son Number One.

We would never have been able to get here in time had it not been for west side friends and one of the girls we are staying with texted us to thank us for the Easter gifts we left for them and to say how much they were missing us which was really lovely to hear. My friends around the country have travelled with us with regular calls and messages to check in and catch up. You guys, there are no words. All my knights. You especially G.

On the day Nana died I received a response from a pen pal site I’ve joined. He asked how I was and thanks to the time difference as I lay in bed that night we chatted back and forth via email. I’ve heard from him a couple of times since and it is a good distraction. On April Fool’s Day we both walked on the beach. Him on his side of the world, me on mine. Him in a thick coat, scarf and hat and me, well, not.

My readers here, around the country and around the world, who care enough to drop in and read my words. Amazing.

New friends, old friends, true friends, gold friends. Birds get pushed out of the nest so they can learn to fly. If I stay aloft it is because, corny as it sounds, you all are the wind beneath my wings. You know who you are.

Thank you x


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