To the guy in his twenties with the dazzling smile; I’m old enough to be your Mother but thank you. Actually, BECAUSE I’m old enough to be your Mother – THANK YOU!

Dear waterproof eyeliner and mascara,
Sterling effort! Keep up the good work 🙂

Dear Son Number One, Congratulations on your new home! I am so happy for you! x

Dear Son Number Two, who had his school councillor group photo taken. I am very proud of how you are going at high school. Keep it up x

Dear Daughter Number Two, I love you and miss you my beautiful princess and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon x

I ran some errands and bought myself a long, black cardigan, second hand, for a bargain price today. Afterwards I was walking along as a fine mist of rain fell on my head and shoulders, like morning dew.

As I walked I realized I was smiling. It’s been fairly well documented that He Who Shall Not Be Named was a most delicious man. He also had the ability to make me weak in the knees in another respect. He is extremely funny. Sometimes I would literally collapse to the floor of the kitchen, gasping for breath, because I was laughing so hard.

There’s no doubt I am broken hearted, but as we know dear reader, my heart was broken long ago. So, I can’t hold that against him. What I can do, what I am doing, is giving thanks for the many moments of pure and true happiness that I found in his company.

This video also makes me happy.

Enjoy x

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