Oh yeah, life goes on.

The nightmares that I am having each night exhaust me. I wake up in the midst of panic attacks a couple of times a night. Then, when I wake in the morning, memories both good and bad flood in and I know that the nightmare continues.

That’s not to say I am not trying to find the beauty in life. I really enjoyed dinner with my friend last night. Listening to her speak and reflecting with her on the positives of the city we were in made me acknowledge afresh the things I love about it. Clearly one thing I loved about it has gone but much remains as does the opportunity to enjoy and explore.

On another note the Aged Care Facility that houses my Nana rang this morning. She is barely eating and losing weight. I am looking forward to tying up the loose ends that will enable me to go and see her.

One step at a time x


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