I have to hand it to these ex-military types. They do know how to treat a girl. I was speaking to a facebook friend of a facebook friend last night, for the first time ever. Not the first time talking to a friend of a friend but the first time speaking to this particular guy. Anyway, he was talking about the Brotherhood; the bond that exists between them. I’ve seen it in action and it’s pretty impressive. He was further saying that as a rule they are protective of their female friends. Very politically incorrect but kind of sweet, almost from a bygone era.

I don’t know enough to argue a case for or against women in the military but I read an article that made this very point and as pro equal rights as I am, it did give me pause. The guys I talk to are committed and fiercely protective; of their women, their children, their animals. I don’t know how this translates into a combat setting. (If you do please write and let me know! 🙂 ).

What I do know is this; it’s three weeks since I became homeless. Around the corner from where I’m staying is a Government owned house. Fully furnished but vacant. Tomorrow I will continue the search for a place to call my own but it seems ludicrous with the shortage of housing that three doors away a house sits empty. Similarly I saw my doctor today to talk to her about the new medication I am on. It is not on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, that is, it is not subsidized and I pay full price for it. My doctor waxed lyrical about this drug, saying it was super effective in treating depression, anxiety, insomnia. Perfect! But as with a lot of the newer, effective medications it was not yet on the PBS. Sigh.

The guy I was speaking to last night concluded our chat with the request that I ‘dream curious dreams’ of him. They don’t muck around, these military men, but I have to admire that kind of optimism!

Travel safe guys x


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