St Elmo’s Fire

For Malcolm; the other great love of my life.

Adult content ahead. Not suitable for kiddies.

I was talking to one of my Knight’s today (she writes as she gets bedtime texts from another. I am being spoilt!) and he said ‘Harsh as it is, at least now you know where you stand.’ Indeed this is so.

And, dear reader, there IS comfort in that. You all know that not knowing drives me spare. And I not only now know where I stand but I know lots of other things as well. Know now, how now, brown cow, own know how, like WOW! And knowledge truly is power.

‘I know your mind is active and your soul is free….you would make a wonderful and adventurous lover….’ Beautiful words from a beautiful friend and true enough, but they also reflect what I’ve learnt that I need. What truly does it for me. And they make me think of flashes of hot pink lace and sheepskin seat covers and desperate urgency and another lost love, from an earlier time. And yes, there’s sadness, but also gratitude. And love. Lots of love. For at the end of the day love is what remains.

Be kind to each other x


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